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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

  1. Click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the home page.
  2. Enter your email address and click the 'Send Reminder' button.
  3. This will send you a 'Password Reset Request' email that contains a link to initiate the reset password procedure.
  4. Enter and confirm your new password then click the 'Reset' button.
  5. Once your password has been successfully reset, continue to login by clicking the 'login here' link.

2. How do I register an Account?

Click on the 'Click here to register your account.' link on the home page

3. Why can I not see prices against any products?

Only registered customers with an account can see product prices on the online catalogue.

Follow the link in the answer to question 2 to register an account with us.

4. Can I place an order online without a login or password?

No, only registered customers with an account can place orders on the online catalogue.  

5. I cannot find the answer to my question on the website, can I email you my request?

Yes, in the 'Customer Services' tab click the 'Ask a Question' link.

Fill in the question details and then click the 'Ask us a question' button to submit your question.

6. Can I pay for my order online?

No, all registered Customer Accounts payment transactions are processed through BACS.

7. What are your contact details?

Our 'Contact' details can be found on the 'Customer Services' tab.

For general website queries email us at

8. I have been notified of despatch but have not received my order?

Please contact your Account Manager or email us at 

9. Where can I find my Contracted Items?

Once you have logged in you can browse and add your contracted items to your cart by clicking either the 'Browse your contracted items' link or the  'YOUR CONTRACTED ITEMS' button on the home page.

10. Where can I view my Account details and Order history etc? 

Once you have logged in you can access and manage your Account and view your Order history etc by clicking either the 'Manage your account' link or tab on the home page. From here you can:

11. How do I use my 'Favourites'? 

Your Favourites is a handy list of everything that you have ordered before. As soon as you process an order those products are added to your favourites. 

The list will ranked by those products you order most often.

To order them again you can simply add them to your basket individually or you can add them all.

You can access your Favourites from the Home Page or from the Manage Account page. 

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