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Sobo Power for Degreasing the Heaviest Oil, 25Litre

Sobo Power for Degreasing the Heaviest Oil, 25Litre
ebuy number: 61829
Region: UK

A truly powerful product that rapidly degreases the heaviest of oil contaminated yards, factory floors and engineering components. Also an excellent Traffic Film Remover - our chemical of choice for cleaning cars and lorries traffic film free. A blend of biodegradable surfactants designed to reduce the surface tension of oil and grease emulsions enabling surfaces to be rinsed clean, oil free and film free. Designed to remove oils, greases and lapping slurry. Can be used as supplied for very heavy oil degreasing. Recommended dilution for use with steam cleaning, floor cleaning and vehicle cleaning machines ? 4%. Versatile. Biodegradable. Separator friendly. Light green liquid.

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