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Dextron Rope

Dextron Rope
ebuy number: 138742
Region: UK

Dextron ropes are now offered from Bio Based Dyneema fiber. The Bio-based Dyneema fibre used in production of DextronBio, comes with ISCC certification and is thereby recognized as sustainable & renewable via mass-balancing.

Bio-based Dynema Fiber will give only 1/8 CO2 footprint compared with that of generic HMPE
Less need of material to achieve a given performance, provides a lower carbon footprint compared to other materials
Low weight reduces the need of energy for handling, lifting and transport
High break load and durability will contribute to the protection of operations and installations at sea, and reduces the risk of negative environmental impact
Low weight reduces the risk of crush damage
Low energy storage reduces the risk of damage by eventual breakage
Reduced noise disturbance of marine environment compared with steel chain and wire

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