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Fastys Reusable Polypropylene Straps

Fastys Reusable Polypropylene Straps
Fastys Reusable Polypropylene Straps
ebuy number: 135621
Region: UK

FASTYs reusable polypropylene straps can often be a sensible alternative to pallet wrap faster to use, eco-friendly and cost-efficient as well as providing a tick in your corporate green box. FASTY straps have unique steel buckles, easily opened even with gloves on its obvious that theyre top quality. The straps can be used to stabilise pallets, reduce the use of pallet wrap and single use plastic or steel strapping.

Our research suggests that UK businesses are still using, annually, over 140,000 tonnes of pallet wrap, over twice the weight of plastic carrier bags that were being handed out, at peak use, by UK supermarkets. Most of this is recycled, but the recycling opportunities are limited, and what does not end up in permanent structures (for example rubbish bins or plastic timber and furniture) will eventually be burned or buried. There is therefore an eco-dimension to using buckle straps where appropriate; our experience is that theyre also quicker to use than hand-wrapping, and cheaper.

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