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Water Soluble Eco Capsules Washroom Pomegranate/Cherry Blossom Pack 40 Profimax

Water Soluble Eco Capsules Washroom Pomegranate/Cherry Blossom Pack 40 Profimax
ebuy number: 131500
Region: UK

The eco capsule refill system allows users to continually reuse containers such as plastic trigger spray bottles over a wide range of cleaning applications. Each eco capsule contains the exact dose of a super concentrate to give an effective ready-touse cleaner upon dilution. As the super concentrate is encapsulated in a fully water-soluble film, there is no need for cutting or tearing and no risk of coming in contact with the concentrate. Simply drop, add water and shake until dissolved. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

The revolutionary “just add water” eco capsule system offers users a whole host of benefits. As we have removed the water, they are 90% smaller and lighter to transport and store. This significantly reduces their carbon footprint relating to transport and prevents the unnecessary redistribution of water. All helping us to offer quality products at very affordable prices. In addition, our qualified team of scientists ensures that only the best, safest and most effective biodegradable ingredients are used in all our products. Now eco-cleaning no longer needs to mean expensive or ineffective cleaning with our small yet powerful eco capsules.
PROFIMAX Washroom cleaner readily removes soap scum deposits, limescale and other stubborn grime from washroom and restroom surfaces. Its powerful formula helps prevent the build up of dirt without extra polishing, leaving surfaces clean, shiny and streak free. With its pomegranate and cherry blossom scent, cleaned areas smell pleasant for longer.

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