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Sustainable Maintenance Roll M0803738 112L 36x40cm

Sustainable Maintenance Roll M0803738 112L 36x40cm
Sustainable Maintenance Roll M0803738 112L 36x40cm
ebuy number: 131490
Region: UK

This equates to a significant reduction of up to 60% in its carbon footprint. Using sustainable absorbents does not mean compromising on performance. They are extremely fast acting, highly absorbent, do not leach product when saturated and offer excellent tensile strength due to the addition of a fine fibre coverstock. Sustainable absorbents help protect the environment as well as your workplace. • Manufactured from natural fibres refined and upgraded for optimum performance. • Fast acting, highly absorbent, does not leach when saturated. • Provides good traction or slip resistance. • Perforated for economy of use. • Laminated with coverstock for improved tensile strength. • Available in both maintenance and oil only ranges. • Can be used with most oil or water based liquids. • Available in all absorbent formats as well as spill kits. • Maintenance sustainable absorbents are ideal for dealing with both Oil and water based spills such as Fuels, Oils, Coolants and Hydraulic fluids. • Excellent fluid uptake and retention. • Outstanding strength and durability. • Available in both pad and roll formats. • Absorbs up to 150 Litres per pack Product No, Dimensions, Qty in pack, Ltrs per pack M0814838 - 48cm x 38cm - 100 - 150 Litres M0803738 - 36cm x 40m - 1 - 112 Litres

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