Energy Surplus

The ebuy ENERGYSURPLUS Collaboration platform provides a central hub for collaboration customers to upload, buy and sell surplus stock within an agreed group or to a global market. Working together with major Oil & Gas companies Craig International has developed ENERGYSURPLUS to meet the needs of the industry.

The platform facilitates interaction between companies by communicating offers & counter offers between Buyers & Sellers up to acceptance or rejection.

Surplus stock items are uploaded via a set template (csv), items are categorised and fully searchable, additional item documentation can be requested/uploaded during the buying/selling collaboration process. 

The platform currently covers a range of Oil & Gas equipment including Cementing Equipment, Tubing & Casing, Drillbits, BOPs, Valves, Pumps & Compressors.

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New/Unused Gas Compressor Bundle

Complete assembly for an unused Gas Compressor — including Flanges and Casing.
The 2BCL508/A compressor and associated equipment were purchased for a platform in the Northern North Sea. After the machine was purchased, the decision was made that it would not be installed due to the end of field nature of the platform and therefore has been in storage since it was purchased and has never been used.

Nuovo Pignone manufacturer (GE)
Approx. weight is 35 Tonnes
Condition – Still in the crate from initial purchase

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3 x Schat Harding, MCB28, 55 Person, Lifeboats

(Approx)Dimensions: 8.61m x 3.16m x 3.01m
Dry Weight: 4700lbs

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Smartbuyer+ is your international, virtual buying group, meaning greater cost efficiency and more strategic purchasing.

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