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Linethrower 250 Unit Less Rocket

Linethrower 250 Unit Less Rocket
Linethrower 250 Unit Less Rocket
ebuy number: 77445
Region: UK

This equipment is used for all line throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship to shore, shore to ship and shore based rescue services. A ship’s set comprises of 4 units which should ideally be stored in a water resistant locker at ambient temperature allowing easy access in an emergency.

Key benefits:
MED & SOLAS approved Linethrower
Plastic line container with integral striker
Self-contained linethrowing appliance
Plastic launcher with 250m of 4mm dia line
Needs to be fitted with rocket prior to use
Typically 4 units required to be carried on SOLAS vessels
Replace container along with every third set of rockets i.e. after 9 years
Non-hazardous for transport without rocket fitted

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